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About Mr Henry's

Mr Henry’s Performance Academy offers elite tuition in dance, drama, and performance studies, delivered by industry-leading teachers and following a unique curriculum designed with our students' professional development in mind. Here, we know that every child is different, and so we aim to support and encourage each individual with the key focus being on fun and enjoyment for all.

Why? Well, our founder knows from experience that confidence is the key to being a good performer. So, Mr Henry specifically chose to build his school on a foundation in which his students can thrive in an enjoyable, and engaging setting, while feeling encouraged and supported by their teachers and peers.

Is your child a budding creative?


Mr Henry is a standout in his field, with all of his classes linked to his personal, unique style of teaching which young performers know and love. At every rehearsal, students can expect enthusiastic and exuberant presentations from Mr Henry, perfectly complemented by the school’s core values of care for each individual and passion to help them thrive. Our teachers are trained to mirror Mr Henry’s unique personable approach, and we take pride in considering ourselves role models for our students.

While we’ve been proud to watch many of our students go on to pursue careers in the performing arts, we’re also eager to promote how the invaluable skills learned from our classes can translate into so many other aspects of life. We couldn’t be more excited to continue to promote these values here at Mr Henry’s Performance Academy, and look forward to welcoming you to our classes.

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Currently, we are in St Saviours Church, Walton Street, SW3 1SA. As of September, we move to Chelsea Theatre.

Chelsea Theatre is the perfect venue for Mr Henry's. Not only is the rehearsal studio kitted out perfectly with sprung floors, surround sound speakers for rehearsals, but Chelsea Theatre is also complete with a professional theatre with built-in lighting and sound. There's even a café, a bar and a lift for accessibility requirements.

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