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Welcome to Mr Henry's!

Mr Henry’s Performance Academy offers elite tuition in dance, drama, and performance studies, delivered by industry-leading teachers and following a unique curriculum designed with our students' professional development in mind. Here, we know that every child is different, and so we aim to support and encourage each individual with the key focus being on fun and enjoyment for all.

Why? Well, our founder knows from experience that confidence is the key to being a good performer. So, Mr Henry specifically chose to build his school on a foundation in which his students can thrive in an enjoyable and engaging setting, while feeling encouraged and supported by their teachers and peers.

"I cannot speak highly enough of Mr Henry. For the past 18 months, he has been a wonderful teacher to my two youngest children. Throughout this time, Mr Henry has guided them with incredible talent and an unmatched warmth and sense of fun!

His remarkable abilities, coupled with his kind and nurturing nature, have transformed my children's confidence in ways I could not have imagined. When they took the stage for a show, I was moved to tears witnessing their beautiful performance, all thanks to Mr Henry's support."


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